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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Windows 8 - Display back Google Calendar in W8 Calendar app

How to display again your Google Calendar in to your Windows 8 Calendar App?

NOTICE: This tutorial explain how to be able to display back your Google Calendar Events
                 (Read/only mode) in  your Windows 8 Calendar App
                  !You are not going to be able to edit Google Events through Windows 8 Calendar App!

                  But consult your Google entries in W8 Calendar is nice to have

Since Microsoft has updated Windows 8 Mail/People/Calendar  App, your Google Calendar entries are not displayed anymore in W8 Calendar APP

Here is how to fix it:

> Log into your Google account

> open your Google Calendar

> Go to your Calendar Settings

> Click Calendars

> Click on the Calendar you need

> On  Private Address section, Click on ICAL button

> The provided link should look like that:

> Select your ICAL link and COPY it ....   That's all from your Google account side


> Now, browse and  log  in to your Microsoft email account (Hotmail, Live or Outlook)
    and pick Calendar

> click on Subscribe

> Select  Subscribe to a public calendar

> Choose Suscribe to a public calendar,
> In Calendar URL, PASTE your Google Calendar Private ICAL .ics link
> In Calendar Name, name it like you want
> Pick a color if you need to change the default one
> Pick a Charm if you feel like it
> Finally, click on Subscribe to calendar

Your Google Calendar is now imported and dispalyed in your MS email account
and displayed by the way in your Windows 8 Calendar App too!

You are done :-)


  1. Excellent post! Thanks for writing this.

  2. This is excellent indeed!. My only problem is that I can't add to that calendar, i can only view, any way or being able to add events?

  3. Yes, it is correct. This tutorial is only to display (as read/only) your Google Calendar entries on Windows 8 Calendar App. If you want to manage your Google calendar events you have to keep doing it from the source, from your Google Account side.


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